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The Joy
of Quran

We are excited to announce Brother Mohammad Sanioura will be hosting a Quranic studies seminar offered every Friday at UBC – The Joy of Qur’an. See below for details.

What We Teach

We take few Ayahs of the Holy Qur’an each week and delve deeply into them, discovering how to recite them given the Arabic spelling, the rules of tajweed, as well as their tafseer, and how we can apply them in our daily lives in a modern environment.

We introduce basic concepts about the value of Qur’an in the daily life of an average muslim, using the prophet and his companions treatment of the Qur’an as raw models.

It’s a discovery trip of what it did to the people of the desert and why an average muslim or even a non-muslim in Modern day Canada can benefit from it as well. All students of life are welcome in this class. No certain background is required.  All classes are taught in English.


Join us and enrich your life!

Custom Classes

You know someone who can’t attend but still interested?

Maybe you’d be interested in our custom one-to-one Skype-based Qur’an classes?
Let us know.

12 + 5 =

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UBC Location: Musalla (also known as Interfaith Room #2357)
Brock Hall Annex, 1874 E Mall,
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

Check out the map here.


(604) 442 2980


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